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Tulsi Lied About The Jazz Cigarette Arrests; Harris Didn’t Harsh California’s Weed Mellow

Let’s Talk About Tulsi

You may have already heard that Tulsi Gabbard did not qualify for last night’s debate. Oh, no. Maybe you even had a “Tulsi did not qualify” party. We were NOT heartbroken to see that she couldn’t show out by rapidly firing a series of half-truths at Kamala Harris. Additionally, we were gladdened that she wasn’t there to set another shit-fire on the debate stage. Yay! 

She lies.

Does she not care about such vaunted human values as honor, integrity, and truth? Perhaps a better question is, why didn’t she learn to fake these human attributes during her time in Iraq? You know the one about how Tulsi was suddenly struck by some amazing magic miracle during her war years and… 

Poof! She instantly learned how to not hate “the gay” openly and venomously anymore. Magic. This was a complete departure from that time when she, as a member of the Hawaii State House, argued against an anti-bullying program for LGBTQ youth.  She bullied them from the halls of their own government.

Kamala Harris never bullied LGBTQ school children from the fucking State House Floor, like some kind of a deviant child-abuser.

Right, T?

Is Kamala Harris getting a bad rap?

Of course, she is. Next!

From Mercury News:

Kamala Harris’ opponents and critics have picked apart her prosecution of marijuana crimes during her presidential run, knocking her for over-aggressive jailing of pot users and lambasting her as a hypocrite for saying she now supports legalizing the drug.

It also annoys me when it comes from a random neckbearded Twitter Emo-Marxist/Malcolm X “expert” with a podcast named “Mike” or “Chad” who finished High School in 2015 but has decided not to go to college until “Bernie makes it free.”

More from Mercury News:

Harris oversaw more than 1,900 marijuana convictions in San Francisco, previously unreported records from the DA’s office show. Her prosecutors appear to have convicted people on marijuana charges at a higher rate than under her predecessor, based on data about marijuana arrests in the city.

Okay, so far so good. Or bad, YMMV. Looks like there was a spike in convictions, then it trended back down, but, there are fewer under her than there were under her predecessor.

But…Did Harris really lock up 1,500 potheads just for smoking weed?

Absolutely not.

Most Low-Level Pot Arrestees Were Never Locked Up

But former lawyers in Harris’ office and defense attorneys who worked on drug cases say most defendants arrested for low-level pot possession were never locked up. And only a few dozen people were sent to state prison for marijuana convictions under Harris’ tenure.

Curiouser and curiouser. Only a few dozen?

Where are the 1,500 victims of “Kamala Khan: destroyer of civilizations?” I don’t mind war of ideas, a battle of wills, or a vigorous debate. That said, I cannot stand a liar. That’s what you are, Tulsi. Next time run a fact check on your right-wing propaganda before you start hollering at people. You played yourself.  Again.

The Public Defender Sides With Kamala

“There is no way anyone could say that she was draconian in her pursuit of marijuana cases,” said Niki Solis, a high-ranking attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender’s office during Harris’ time as DA.

Sorry, Ma’am. The only opinions that matter are the ones that come from prevaricators and neckbearded douchebros.

Still, advocates wonder why it took so long for the California senator to come out in support of marijuana legalization.

See how fast the goalposts move when it comes to Kamala?

We’re supposed to be pleased, yet inexplicably grateful that Warren magnanimously decided to join our side of the aisle at nearly 50 years old. We are certainly NOT to ever question why it took her so fucking long. or why she never noticed how insanely racist her compadres were. I know it doesn’t bother some black women.  Apparently, they don’t have time to worry about such silliness as whether Warren’s answer to the question of why she remained Republican so long is “batshit.”

“I was an independent. I was with the GOP for a while because I really thought that it was a party that was principled in its conservative approach to economics and to markets. And I feel like the GOP party just left that.”  [I took the liberty of crossing everything out.]

I don’t have time.

I would need an entire 200,000-word novel, and a full year writing time, to pick that nonsense apart. This is not solely because it’s codswallop; it’s also because of how hilariously ridiculous it is. Actual Liberals accept pat answers from someone just because she looks like their librarian or their mom. I won’t jump down Liz’s throat today. But I want to see if anyone EVER challenges her to actually answer a question that’s outside of her comfort zone with a real answer. No, really. Please make her give better answers, some of us actually listen to what each candidate says., and want to know.

Harris Evolves On Marijuana; Calls For Legalization


Harris publicly came out for legalizing marijuana only in May 2018, after she was widely considered a likely presidential contender. Since then, it’s become a centerpiece of her plans to reform the criminal justice system. “We can’t keep repeating the same mistakes of the past,” she tweeted last year. “Too many lives have been ruined by these regressive policies.”

Any other year, or from any other candidate, this would be considered a good answer. Not so for Kamala Harris, who as a Black Woman, is expected to be psychic, magic, perfect, and pure. Or perhaps expected to not be running for President until AFTER we get a White Lady President FIRST Perhaps?

When it came to the fight for legalization, “she was nowhere, zilch, nada, no help,” said Tom Ammiano, a former San Francisco supervisor and assemblyman who has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

In this new hellscape of a timeline we live in, Black prosecutors are duty-bound to be on the forefront of activism for every single issue. Only she has to be Malcolm X. Klobuchar hasn’t been the subject of similar unending critiques; she was a Prosecutor, she was tough on crime— tougher than Harris– she is also running for President. What’s the big difference between these two women that makes it so that Klobuchar isn’t waking up to 9 new articles a day saying she locked up potheads and Black mothers?

Well, she’s white, and not a threat.

There’s my answer, convince me I’m wrong.

Kamala Harris: Progressive Prosecutor or not?

Now we get to the main point of this recounting of Harris’ record on locking people up for smoking that “speakeasy spice” all the kids are yapping about.

Tulsi Gabbard blasted Harris over marijuana convictions, saying she “put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations….”

Tulsi had obviously prepared for days. She was a broken basic Becky doll.  Backbiting Becky is always on the lookout for a fellow woman she can tear down, and maybe even step on to give herself a boost. Right, Tulsi?

Gabbard was misleadingly citing figures for all of California while Harris was attorney general — even though the vast majority of marijuana cases in the state are prosecuted by independently elected county district attorneys.

WOMP WOMP! Reminds me of Tulsi’s Terrible Imitation Tour last week where she pretended to be a Democrat. She worked the ugliest angles, all the while smearing Dems in the trashiest of Right-wing sources. Great Job, Tulse.

Only 45 People Were Sent to Prison for Marijuana During Harris’ Terms

45 people were sentenced to state prison for marijuana convictions during Harris’ seven years in office, compared with 135 people during Hallinan’s eight years, according to data from the state corrections department. That only includes individuals whose most serious conviction was for marijuana

Forty-five?!? Only forty-five? In seven years?? What the entire fuck just happened?

1500 – 45= 1455???

A few people are clearly missing.

Did Tulsi tamper with the truth?

Um…also? I was told that Kamala Devi Harris personally stood laughing as the iron bars at Shawshank Prison slid home, locked, and left thousands of poor, black, single, chronically ill, abused, oppressed BLACK  mothers of BLACK babies hungrily huddled and sadly strugglesome in the shadows of the cold, dark, dank, moldy, Copmala Truancy prison cells. Is this…NOT TRUE?

Huh. I guess they lied.

Despite the substantial number of convictions, many of the people who were arrested for marijuana during Harris’ tenure were never locked up or never even charged with a crime…

They put folks in a program and asked them to go the fuck home, stop smoking weed by a school or someshit, and suggested they get it together.

No one was jailed solely on a marijuana conviction

“Our policy was that no one with a marijuana conviction for mere possession could do any (jail time) at all,” said Paul Henderson, who led narcotics prosecutions for several years under Harris. Defendants arrested for the lowest-level possession would typically be referred to drug treatment programs instead of being charged, and weightier charges for marijuana sales would routinely be pleaded down to less serious ones, he said.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Kamala was doing what she could to alleviate some of the symptoms of mass incarceration. What can they possibly say to make this seem sinister?

“KAMALA IS A…Substance Abuse Counselor?”

I guess that doesn’t have the same impact as the filling up of my timeline with the latest Crème fraîche Cris De Coeur that some yowling jar of Hellman’s uses as a reason to colonize my time.

“Kamala Harris and I disagreed on a lot of criminal justice issues, but I have to admit, she was probably the most progressive prosecutor in the state at the time when it came to marijuana,” Solis said.

Oh. Does that say Kamala was the Most Progressive Prosecutor in the entire STATE of California, which is home to 40 million people? It does.

The SF DA has expunged all pot convictions back to 1976


None of the marijuana convictions Harris’ office secured are still on the books. Her successor as DA, George Gascón, moved earlier this year to expunge all 9,300 of the city’s marijuana convictions going back to 1975.

So, y’all can stop telling me about all the poor potheads that are STILL SUFFERING due to Kamala’s brutality, please.

You can’t look at this with historical amnesia,” said Tim Silard, her former head of policy. “The positions she took then were quite progressive and very much out of step with her colleagues around the state.”

I’m not one to give a shit about labels like “Progressive Prosecutor” or “Leftist Leviathan” like some do. I simply care about the truth and the facts; fuck the rest. It’s GOOD when politicians evolve on issues, especially when it comes to delicious weed. Okay, I’m only half-serious.

Each and every candidate running has one issue or has many issues, that they’ve evolved on over the past decade. I cannot remember a time when white people spoke openly about the effects of institutional racism, mass incarceration, or even white privilege to the extent that it happens today. That’s ALSO good. None of us are supernaturally prescient, always right, or perpetually perfect Progressives.

What we are is what we do; Dems do better in the wake of our mistakes and accept each other, flaws and all. We always do better; we have no choice but to do better. The future literally depends on us.



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