October 24, 2019 2 Comments 2020 Dem Primary, Featured, News, Politics, Republican Nonsense, Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi’s Not Running For Congress Again And She’ll Never Be President, So, Bye Tulsi!

Bye, Tulsi!! I see that you just posted a tweet thread about 30 minutes ago saying you’re not going to run for another term in Congress. I, for one, am delighted with your decision. It is literally THE BEST thing you have ever done for The People.

Here is the silly ass thread Tulssad just posted:

BYE!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, you dont need to wait until November 2020 to vacate your seat. You’re never at work to do your job anyway, you seem rather delusional, and there are still plenty of job openings in the Trump Administration. This totally reminds me of that time Sarah Palin resigned as my Governor after she lost to Obama and Biden. She never did go on to bigger and better things. We are still waiting.


No Thanks!!!! You are so one track minded that literally all you talk about is the military, and that’s not good enough. Being in the military is an honorable thing and I DO thank you for your service, ma’am. Yet, I am not a person who believes that military service is enough to qualify ANYONE to be President of the United States of America. I also do not see it as a requirement. In fact, I see an obsession with war, friendships with dictators, and the repetition of the phrase “Wars of Regime Change” to be particularly DISqualifying.


That’s nice, dear. I get that you really really hate when we topple dictators or give the people any assistance so that they can topple them themselves, and like Donald, you hate being the world police. Too bad for you we do not all agree that the worst thing is intervening in situations where these dictators you hate us toppling are slaughtering their own people for defying them. I’m sure I can think of interventions we should have done, like when the UN was informed in 1993 that Hutus were planning a genocide of the Tutsi population of Rwanda that was set to begin in January of 1994. By April 1994, Hutus began to systematically slaughter the Tutsis at a rate of about 8,000 per day. We could have stopped it. We did not. All told ~1,000,000 members of the Tutsi minority population were slaughtered. To do things your way, ma’am, is to ignore that which makes us human: Empathy. This is how I know you are a Cylon.


No. I don’t live in your district, but we are in the same timezone, so, I will just say no so loud nobody will want to say anything that might set me off because I’m crazy as catshit when it comes to you and NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. If I see people around me saying yes to you, I will have to troll them most efficiently by saying NO until they knock that shit off in my presence. Hell no.


Goodbye, Tulsi. Please drop out.