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Van Jones Needs To Learn How To Keep Kamala’s Name Out His Damn Mouth

Shut the fuck up, Van Jones!

I usually don’t discuss pundits or hosts of anything on CNN because of several things; I don’t watch CNN, I don’t really like CNN, and I cut cable 2 years ago. Van Jones works for CNN, and he has gotten on my damn last nerve since that time we all watched Trump give a SOTU while he had the coke drips, probably. That was the stupid night that Van called him “Presidential”  just because he sniffed his way through his prepared remarks. I have been ignoring Jones ever since because he blocked me on Twitter once I explained how stupid he looked to us Black Folks With Sense. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether I ignore Van or not, because his Milk-Dud head is always popping up in some drama, popping off at the mouth, and playing Black Friend of whichever white person the rest of us are mad at.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what plantation life would be like under Massa Trump if we had Jones, Diamond and Silk, and Ben Carson to contend with, but I start feeling like Django, so, I have to not even go there. In every time period we have Black People who Stan for White Men. Lord knows there was always a Jigginjiver ready to announce to the world that the White Man’s ice is colder and his water was wetter.

I kinda wonder if the White Man Stans of the past took every opportunity to tear down Black Women like Van Jones seems to do. It’s funny watching a Black  guy who couldn’t hack a Whitehouse job attacking a Black Woman who made it to the Senate.

I’ll let D.L. tell it.

Hughley is right. If you see Van Jones making an argument and you tend to agree with him, you might wanna just find your way off of his ridiculous ass side. Only 7 of the students were even allowed to go to the speech, so why the fuck should Kamala deal with a group that gave his bitchass a “Criminal Justice Award” if she doesn’t want to? One would think you’d support an American tradition, and doubly so if a Black Woman is leading the battle.

From Mediaite:

“Now I have no idea what has happened to this cat, I don’t know what he believes, but he maligned Kamala Harris for refusing to sit in a room and be used for a prop, like he seem to do so eloquently,” Hughley continued, then read Jones’ rip on Senator Harris.

Read. Him. For.  FILTH. That Whopper head lookin’ ass “Brotha” turned into a non leg washing, ashy, ridiculous ass HOTEP, and he ain’t even got  nice Kufi and Africa medallion. What we need him for? Ain’t the White Dudes from Pod Save America got it covered on the hating on Kamala Harris front? Cause that’s their job, Negro. I know Van likes to play “Brogressive” on TV, but I wouldn’t put it past him to vote for Donald if Kamala was nominee.

“So what he does is uses black people for optics, and Van Jones and people like him make it easy,” Hughley said. “He’s maligned Kamala Harris for not being willing to have a conversation, you didn’t say anything to him. Donald Trump is a showman. That’s what he is. It’s magic. He does magic tricks.”

Um? HELLO? How many times do we have to tell you, the Bootleg Bobbsey Twins, and Ben Carson that Trump is using you to NORMALIZE HIM. And no, he doesn’t expect it to work on black people. He expects WHITE voters to be fooled by the fact that you chose to take Trump’s side against ‘A Black Woman. See, because that is your role in this minstrel show; you maintain zero standards for Trump while holding Kamala accountable to your ideals, ideals that Trump could never begin to meet.

“You maliagned her because she refused to do what you did,” Hughley said. “Shine his shoes.”

This. If you wanna play shoe-shine boy for the Trump administration, be our guest. But don’t start looking for us to help you black ass when Trump decides to make YOU a target. Because we will not give a shit. At all.

Hughley concluded his rant by saying “Donald Trump does magic tricks. He’s the magic. Guess who’s the trick?”

You’re the Trick, Van, You.

The moral of the story is this; Don’t go Hollywood. If you find yourself gaining celebrity status in the media, don’t ever let yourself be used as the black mouthpiece for a white nationalist administration at ANY TIME. Don’t do it for ONE second, and never allow yourself to be used as a weapon against a Black Woman who has enough integrity to boycott an event where the Grand Wizard of the Neo-KKK is being undeservingly awarded. If you do so, we reserve the right to tell you to sit your ass down and shut the whole fuck up. Please do so Right Now.