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WaPo Wants You To Know The Capitol Insurrectionists are Just “Economically Anxious”

Trump Fans

Heads up!!

Did you know that the majority of the violent white mob of jackbooted, fascist, insurrectionists have had a financial problem at some point in their entitled white lives? Some of them even experienced financial problems…more than once. See, when white people have money problems, they need to let off steam by tearing shit up at the Capitol, and beating cops damn near to death. Right? Look, I am not sure if it was the intention of the author of the article linked above to play apologist for a menacing white mob, but that’s what they ended up doing. It’s pretty much just racism and fear of the loss of their white privilege that pushes these Sedition people over the edge, so I need the media to kindly stfu with their extravaganza of explainers, and call a fucking spade a spade for once. Or? Hire some Black People who won’t kiss your asses, and ask them to do all the keeping it real over there, lord knows y’all need someone.

They’re taking a little detour to Klanistan over at the Washington Post this week, and I’ll just say, it’s extremely fucking stupid. I was actually here on earth when the WaPo, and other media outlets attributed the racism, anger, and violence of Trumpers to loss of coal jobs, manufacturing jobs, and “Economic Anxiety.” As usual, when the media shields whiteness in this traditional manner, they are wrong, but hey, at least y’all got Hillbilly Elegy last time we did this stupid shit, maybe this time y’all will give us silence.

Speaking of stupidly, I stupidly thought we would finally be completely over this thing America does where we engage in the stupidest, stankiest, hot cat shittiest hot takes there ever were or will be. This is a personal problem I will have to learn to cope with, and hopefully in the future, I will always expect the absolute worst apologetics for whiteness from the media, and for the crimes committed by the recipients of whiteness to be spun into some noble struggle for the almighty dollar.

Jenna Ryan, who we all saw on a Private Plane and in a video saying they were going to “storm the capitol” has been quite eager to tell her tragically pathetic story, and the Washington Post was super eager to listen.

Despite her outward signs of success, Ryan had struggled financially for years. She was still paying off a $37,000 lien for unpaid federal taxes when she was arrested. She’d nearly lost her home to foreclosure before that. She filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and faced another IRS tax lien in 2010.

Oh, boo hoo. Then, why the entire fuck was this heffa on that goddamn plane in the first place? Quiet as it’s kept, Jenna paid for the airtime she used to host her weekly show….why the fuck would you pay to get your silly ass voice on the radio, if you ain’t even got enough money to pay your income taxes?

Nearly 60 percent of the people facing charges related to the Capitol riot showed signs of prior money troubles, including bankruptcies, notices of eviction or foreclosure, bad debts, or unpaid taxes over the past two decades….

Well, maybe don’t buy so many fucking zip ties? Stop shopping at Sportsman’s Warehouse for a few years? Sell your guns?

A California man filed for bankruptcy one week before allegedly joining the attack, according to public records. A Texas man was charged with entering the Capitol one month after his company was slapped with a nearly $2,000 state tax lien.

It’s almost magical how easy it was for the author to transmogrify that violent, racist, seditionist mob into poor little white victims of poverty and loss. Now, for the purposes of this absolutely fail bale “White Solidarity” article, even economic hardships your parents suffered count as your suffering, which just proves the point I and other Black People have been making for years:

It’s alright if you’re white.

Several young people charged in the attack came from families with histories of financial duress.

See what I mean? Their families had suffered at some point, sometime, somewhere, therefore it makes perfect sense that they would find a white supremacist mob and join in with people yelling about killing Madam Speaker Pelosi, and hanging former VP Mike Pence. I mean, we all know there is no other choice in a situation where you’re financially distressed than to find other white people and form a mob made up of white anger, meaty breath, Carhartt’s, fake news, and INSURRECTION.

The parents of Riley June Williams — a 22-year-old who allegedly helped to steal a laptop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office — filed for bankruptcy when she was a child, according to public records.

Sir or Madam, we call people like Riley June Williams, who can no longer use the internet due to her crimes, a “THUG“, a “LOOTER“, or a “STRONG ARMED ROBBER” when they are Black People. Please update your stylesheets to ensure uniformity across demographics.

The WaPo gave us some points of oppression white people of the Trumpist variety are suffering; Bankruptcy, Eviction, Bad Debt. I did some digging myself and found out something very interesting. In every way white people in that mob of treason weasels are afflicted, Black People are afflicted far worse. I have never punched a cop. Just saying.

  • Nationally, bankruptcy filings are much higher among blacks than whites, but how the two populations use bankruptcy is very different.
  • The ACLU also highlights how “women of color bear the burden of eviction,” noting that women of color made up 70% of the
    tenants facing eviction in Philadelphia.
  • At the national level, more than 27 percent of Black households are late on paying their debts, compared to 15 percent of White households, even though Black median debt ($30,800) is about half of White median debt ($73,800). We also found that just 40 percent of Black households reported having good or very good credit, compared to 65 percent of White households.

So, where are the mobs of Black People amassing on the Capitol Grounds to storm the Congressional Chambers?

But she also posted a video to her Facebook account that showed her looking into a bathroom mirror and saying, according to an FBI account of her charges: “We’re gonna go down and storm the capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s why we came and so that’s what we are going to do. So wish me luck.”

She didn’t seem economically anxious when she was bragging about “Storming the Capitol.”

Moral of this story is, I don’t feel one bit bad for ANY of those Qanon inspired twats, they’re getting what they deserve for attempting to disrupt the peaceful transition of power. Fuck them, and fuck any media outlet publishing absolute trash like this WaPo piece.



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