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Why Not Just Call Kamala Harris “Uppity” and Save Some Time?

So, I’ve been sitting here lazily wondering what the fuck is wrong with being “ambitious” in Politics, and I have completely figured it out. When a woman is labelled “Too Ambitious” it generally means she is trying to rise above her predetermined station, and she is not being deferential enough to some man somewhere. Hillary was “Too Ambitious” just like Kamala, and I remember the day she became too ambitious like it was yesterday.

, “I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.”.

Once upon a time, Hillary fucked around and said she wasn’t going to sit her ass at home baking cookies, and everyone’s metaphorical balls fell off, as if by Magic. If they even had balls to begin with. After navigating endless fields of falling gonads over the years, Hillary decided to run for President herself. So ambitious. Turns out she was over-qualified; she came over-prepared, she knew shit, she could read well, and she was ambitious. Did I mention she was ambitious? She was.

At the time, I was under the impression that ambitious meant “ambitious.” Boy, was I ever wrong! See, when Hillary finally ran in 2016, the assorted Dicks of America had not yet forgiven Her for sassing them back in 1992. I mean they nearly died when she sat up there talmbout, “Imma work on policy.” How dare she!? Didn’t they tell her ass to bake some goddamn cookies? Yeah. WHY DID SHE DO WHAT SHE WANTED??? That is unacceptable.

Thankfully, Hillary, who is a kind person, realized that she was making the boys cry by not making them any cookies, so she made them some. And apparently, they were delicious. How dare she?! Why would she work on policy when she could be baking delicious cookies every single day, so they could maybe stop by and snag a few on a regular daily basis? What cruelty! So AMBITIOUS!

What the fuck does Ambitious really mean?

Ambitious means Uppity.

I did not know that for sure, until I had a Eureka moment just a bit ago. I admit, I can be a bit slow on the uptake. The way they said “Ambitious” gave me the same ass feeling as the way they say “Uppity” but, I didn’t put two and two together until just now, likely because I hate math.

From The Daily Beast:

What is the sound of one hand clapping? What would happen if I hired two private detectives to follow each other? The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. The first rule of becoming the president, if you’re a woman, is you absolutely cannot want to be the president.

You get it? In order to be a woman and be fit for the presidency, one must become President through no fault of one’s own. Women cannot work hard for decades, claw their way to the top unapologetically, challenge men, and still be fit for office. That’s presumptuous, and self-assertive as hell. See, it would be totally different if a woman were somehow blackmailed into becoming VP, and agreed to do it just to save her kid from Voldemort Jr. Sadly, aliens would arrive from outer-space, preach the Gospel of peace, and then promptly eat the President for dinner. (They ate him before they realized eating people was wrong, of course.) Then, said woman would fret about her unworthiness and attempt to refuse to be sworn in. Yet the shining face of her poor little previously kidnapped kid would drive her to accept the job. She would do this only in order to protect her offspring from being taken once again, this time by the Aliens, who want cute human pets. Her first State of the Union would, by necessity, be a two hour long apology to all the millions of men who certainly deserved the job more than she and her vagina ever will.

This is the only scenario where a woman would be qualified to be President.

More From Daily Beast:

CNBC reported that some “allies” of Joe Biden are “waging a shadow campaign” against veepstakes frontrunner Kamala Harris, on the grounds that she’s “too ambitious” to be the vice president because what she really wants is to be the president.

What Vice President doesn’t want to be President? Biden ran against Obama.

That report came days after former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) dinged Harris because she wasn’t sufficiently remorseful after she’d bodied Biden in an early Democratic primary debate…

WHY SHOULD SHE BE REMORSEFUL??? If I hear about this one moment ever again, I swear I’ll defenestrate myself. I live on the first floor, calm down.

Politico referred to another black woman in Congress, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass, as “the anti-Kamala” since she supposedly “cringes at having her picture taken and is content to let others grab headlines.” While Bass immediately rejected that contrast, the problem with Harris, according to these people, is that Harris actually wants the job. Then again, it’s not just Harris. Some people really don’t like it when women want things, especially if that thing is power.

See? You cannot WANT the job. Wanting the job and being ambitious enough to be prepared to do it effectively is NOT for women. We need to learn how to silently sit and wait for a man, any man, to hand us whatever opportunity he sees fit to offer us. Then, we need to apologize for being such a bother, and demurely slip from the room unnoticed as he silently sits in manly contemplation. These are the rules for women, apparently. Otherwise, you are uppity.


“Not complacent or deferential; strongly self-assertive.” Um? Bingo!

What are the actual complaints about Harris?

  1. She was too aggressive and “not loyal” because she “challenged” Biden in a debate. (Not Deferential, Self Assertive)
  2. She wants to move up the ranks, all the way to the top. ( Presumptuous, Arrogant, Haughty)

Looks like what they really meant was that Kamala Harris is too Uppity to be Joe’s VP.

Bloomberg Opinion:

What about vice presidents? They, too, should be ambitious. In fact, the president is best served if the vice president wants his or her job. Such motivation aligns incentives in a healthy way. If Harris is vice president and wants to move into the Oval Office, then it will be in her interest to make Biden look good — to help him be popular within the party, so that she has a good chance of winning the nomination, and to deliver peace and prosperity, so that Democrats will win the next general election.

Jonathan Bernstein is completely right. We don’t want a weak VP who doesn’t even want the job, we need one who is eager to get the job done. We will be left with a Government that is for all intents and purposes, in complete fucking shambles. Knowing Trump, he fully plans on making sure that the transition from his sloppy ass, criminally corrupt administration is as ugly and difficult as possible, so it would behoove us to have a partner for Biden that TrumpCo is fully afraid of- Kamala Harris. I fully believe Kamala Harris is the pick and Biden isn’t being swayed by these fits of pique from the old dudes he counts among his friends. Harris, and her ambition, are precisely what the Democratic Party needs to help us shed these old biases and step forward into the future. And there are millions of “Uppity Women” who will bust our entire asses to rid this nation of Trump and carry our team across the finish line, and we will do it without any muthafucking deference whatsoever.

Daily Beast

Bloomberg Opinion

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