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Why The F*ck Does Bernie Think White Men Working For Wages is the SAME THING as Black Slavery?

Bernie Sanders with a clown mask on being hit with a pie in the face while a giraffe, two monkeys, and a parrot all watch. It's like a circus/

Bernie is the whole entire circus.

You probably think I’m here to dish out obloquy about the many and various ways Bernie Sanders just doesn’t measure up to the hype of his early Civil Rights days now that he is an old man.

You are correct.

If Nina Turner is the whole entire, complete clown, then Bernie Sanders is the absolute, total muthafucking Circus Act.  I’ve been knowing Bernie is wack as hell on race issues for years at this point. 5 to be exact. The more I hear from him on race and how race operates, the more I want to muzzle his old ass so he cannot spread his nonsense to the youth of America. I almost feel bad for the people who think Bernie makes the sun shine on account of the energy obtained from his hard work fighting for MY rights for the past fifty-five years. But, I don’t feel bad for them, because they are willfully stupid in the extreme. Bernie Sanders has done no such thing as “fighting for my rights” and “battling against racism” with the past 55 years of his life; he wasn’t fighting for me AT ALL at any point, and he couldn’t have been on the battlefields destroying racism or someone would be vouching for him right now. But NOBODY is. And why is that, you may be asking…

Because, Bernie Sanders STILL doesn’t even know what the fuck racism is. How the fuck do you make it to damn near 80 years old  believing that fuckshit? Don’t tell me he’s changed and doesn’t think that way anymore, because THAT’S SOME BULLSHIT.

Now, this most recent display of insanity laced ignorance showed up while Bernie was showing off his chops on policy for the NYT Editorial Board, who did NOT endorse him. At all. They made sure to say they did not endorse him. They we’re like, HELL NO.

Contained within my glorious and very smart and appropriate Tweet is the video of Bernie being the all-time stupidest bastard when it comes to explaining why people embrace racism and voted for Trump.


No. That’s called Scapegoating, and sure that happens, but the muthafucking racism is why they fell for that shit anyway. Nobody can make you racist. You are not forced to choose hate. If you are willing to sell entire races and ethnicities out for a profit? You already had hate in your heart. Take a look at what Bernie did here, because he does it all the time and it’s very much on purpose. He absolved white people of any responsibility whatsoever for their racism.

What is an “apologist” for racism?

“I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American,” Sanders told The Daily Beast [That’s textbook racism]

That’s an apologist for racism. If you won’t vote for a Black person because they are Black, you’re a fucking racist. Bernie finds it impossible to ever just call that shit out and leave it there. He must find a way to absolve whites. I know what you’re thinking. “Why would Bernie, the Jesus Christ Superstar of MLKs, ever play apologist for racism?” I find you to be very cute. By cute, I mean depressingly naive and blind.

White People are Bernie’s revolution, so he needs them, and cannot call them out on ANYTHING for fear they might abandon him. Same reason he won’t call off his roving hordes of online abusers. He figures Black Voters have no choice but to choose the lesser of two evils, which means him.

I am sure Bernie’s race education was more than sufficient back in 1963, when he and his horn-rimmed glasses were arrested and fined after being “chained to a Black Woman” for a short while. But in today’s world, it takes a bit more than believing segregation and other elements of Jim Crow are wrong if you want to prove your credibility on race matters, and Bernie Sanders, like so many men of his time, has been left behind. Way behind. Way way way way behind. Like so far behind you haven’t even re-discovered the ancient civilization they got left in.


Sanders repeatedly compared Vermont workers to enslaved black people, according to archival interviews obtained by The Daily Beast. In one 1976 conversation, Sanders told a local newspaper that the sale of a privately held mining company by its founders harkened back to “the days of slavery, when black people were sold to different owners without their consent,” and compared the service economy to chattel slavery.


THIS IS THE PART. First of all you geriatric scrunt, even back in 1876 or whenever you did this interview, every rich Susan Sarandon looking ass white lady’s lapdog knew better than to equate Black Slavery, and white men working for less pay than they felt comfortable making, whether it paid all the bills or not. Racism is not economics, even though economics is a factor in how racism manifests. I don’t even know what the fuck would make you run your white ass around lily white Vermont crying about being enslaved.

But, you tried it.

“Basically, today, Vermont workers remain slaves in many, many ways,” Sanders said in another interview in 1977, in which he compared the burgeoning service industry in the nearly all-white state to the enslavement of black Americans at the nation’s founding. “The problem comes when we end up with an entire state of people trained to wait on other people.”

Remain slaves? So, about how long were the nice white people of Vermont trapped in bondage? Slaves could NOT QUIT THEIR FUCKING JOBS, YOU STUPID MUTHAFUCKA! I don’t give a fuck how long ago he said this stupid shit, it makes perfect sense that he actually believes this bullshit, if you factor in all the times he refused to be specific about Black people ONLY, and he refused because White People are poor in Appalachia.

But Sanders’ previously unreported comparisons between the conditions of Vermont workers and that of enslaved people evoke a different element of his campaign—assertions by critics that he tends to view systemic racism primarily through the lens of economic disenfranchisement.

Um, no shit. Tone deaf, ignorant, lazy, phony, appropriating ass fuckshit.

Sanders said. “If a worker at Vermont Marble has no say about who owns the company he works for and that major changes can take place without his knowledge and consent, how far have we really advanced from the days of slavery, when black people were sold to different owners without their consent?

What is WRONG WITH THIS GUY?? I have decided he didn’t want to get a job, so he needed an excuse to spend years sitting on his ass screaming at random passerby about racism and and how oppressed poor whites are RIGHT NOW.

From NYT:


That explains the appeal of racism?


Yeah. O.K. What you have is that people are, in many cases in this country, working longer hours for low wages. You are aware of the fact that in an unprecedented way life expectancy has actually gone down in America because of diseases of despair. People have lost hope and they are drinking. They’re doing drugs. They’re committing suicide. O.K. They are worried about their kids. I have been to southern West Virginia where the level of hopelessness is very, very high. 

See, Bernie, we too have those same fucking problems, only we are in a far deeper and sustained crisis than those white “anxiety” people ever can or will be.
Also, why are there wealthy racists, Bernie?

It’s an age-old weapon used by demagogues. And you take a minority and you demonize that minority and you blame that minority, whether it’s blacks, whether it’s Jews, whether it’s Latinos, whether it’s Muslims, you name the group — gays? Gays are going to destroy education in America, we all know, yeah. On and on it goes. And you take the despair and the anger and the frustration that people are feeling and you say, “That’s the cause of your problem.

Why do you always do that? You assume immediately, for no good reason , that it’s the money, or lack thereof, that causes the scapegoating. Studies were already done on this that show that it was cultural anxiety that drove MAGA to the polls.

From The Nation:

Not only is there no effect of income or economic anxiety for white people on Trump support once racial attitudes are taken into account, there is strong evidence that these racial attitudes cause economic anxiety rather than the other way around

Economic anxiety doesn’t cause racism, but racism DOES cause Economic Anxiety.

Hey, Bernie? Please shut your old Class Reductionist ass the fuck up about racism. If you think racism is a manifestation of evil that occurs when white people are broker than a fucking joke, please explain why the fuck Black People and Native Americans aren’t forming Anti-White coalitions led by a dogmatic populist demagogue? Should we not have an insurrectionist who paints whites as “rapists” from “shit-hole countries” that carry diseases around the world which murder off 90% of indigenous inhabitants in whatever lands they colonize or settle in, then they replace the dead inhabitants with Black souls stolen from their mothers arms, packed into cargo holds where they barely survive living in their own shit and vomit and that of their fellow hostages, only to end up on the auction block in a cold land filled with even colder people who will oppress them and their children until the day they die, and then blame them for their own suffering even after death?

Oh, wait. That happened.

All except for the “insurrectionist” part.




The Nation


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