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Yes Mayor Pete DID Blame Obama For Trump’s Win, He Blamed Hillary Too!


Pete “the Wunderkind” Buttigieg is having a little problemo with words today. And no, I’m not talking about how he uses 1,500 words when only 75 are necessary, or his sprinkling $10 words in places they really are unneeded. This time, his carefully couched, artful yet harsh, insults of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are coming back on that ass. All of his oh-so-clever dogwhistles have finally reached ears that heard them for what they were and either accidentally translated them or perhaps heard them perfectly well. We are not sure.

New Age Teddy Ruxpin, aka Pete Buttigieg was quoted saying something extra trash about Barack Obama. When I heard it, I was the opposite of shocked, in fact, my only surprise was he said it in so few words. This was seriously unlike how he usually takes the mealy mouth approach to backstabbing the President he claims to be like. HAHAHAHA! Sit down, Peter.

Pete was quoted in a LA Times article, now “corrected”, as saying Trump is the result of the failures of the Obama Administration. As Peter has said similar before, I was kinda surprised at the push back and eventual correction by Evan Halper. To be honest, I don’t believe him yet. Maybe if I heard the audio myself I would believe Halper wasn’t simply bullied into believing he heard something else. Not only that, but Pete own communications staffer, not sure of her title, maybe communications director, eh? Well, she came out ready to take it to the bricks defending him.

Oh look! The Obama Era failure had nothing to do with Obama or his policies, somehow Obama is completely detached from from the “old way” which was “his” way, of doing business. As Lis clearly states, the OBAMA ERA is what gave us Trump. What does Obama have to do with the Obama Era? Duh.

The “Old Normal” would be? The way Obama did things? Hmmm. So, how is this any different besides he dog-whistled Obama rather than naming him out right? Jinkies! Time for some Blues Clues! Now, where might I find evidence that Pete DID mean Obama? That’s right, Google! See, Pete wants you to believe that the “old normal” that we all lived under and Obama operated under that failed and delivered Trump unto us had NOTHING to do with Obama AT ALL. Nope! How could we think he meant that Obama’s politics were how we got Trump? For Shame!!!!

Let’s see what Charlie Nash has to say!


Despite recent confusion over whether 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg did blame former President Barack Obama for the rise of President Donald Trump in an interview with LA Times reporter Evan Halper, another video interview with NBC News’ John Heilemann shows that he did attribute at least some blame to the former president.

What’s that now? Pete DID blame Obama? In what respect, Charlie?

“Well, I guess I would put a twist on it,” replied Buttigieg. “So we definitely have to get beyond fight, fight, fight. But, I also don’t believe that we can go back. I don’t think there’s going back to Obama, I don’t think there’s going back to Clinton. I think that the world we’ve been in, the American political world we’ve been in, from the day I was born, has been blown up.”

Of COURSE we can’t go back, Pete! Why MUST you use so many damn words? Just say what you’re trying to say without getting cute, bro.

After being asked what blew it up, Buttigieg explained, “By its own failures which culminated in Trump.

Oh oh, Spaghetti-O! The Obama AND Clinton world gave us Trump? Not the racism or the bigotry, the xenophobia, and the unfettered sexism, along Russian cyber attacks, white backlash, and fear mongering? So, Trump and his voters are completely innocent? Wow, Pete. Is Petey GASLIGHTING us? Pedro. It’s not okay to pretend you would NEVER blame Obama, When you CLEARLY just blamed Obama. Why are we even arguing about this?

Roll the tape!

On this tape it kinda looks like the statement “The failures of the Obama Era help explain how we got Trump,” sound like an accurate paraphrase of what he’s saying on this video. Hmmm.

On Monday, after an alleged controversial quote from Buttigieg that read, “The failures of the Obama era help explain how we got Trump,” went viral, Halper was forced to correct his interview article and claim that Buttigieg had actually said, “failures of the old normal.”

I don’t believe you. I wanna hear the recording for myself. Even if he didn’t say it then, it’s clear he has said it in the past, it’s just that he used a million words to say the same thing.

From Washington Post Mag:

 “I organized a Union Hall event for her in South Bend,” he says, and shakes his head. “You could just tell the enthusiasm wasn’t there.” The problem, he says, was partly that the stakes seemed too low. “We need a bigger scope of ambition for people to rally around.” A return to the Clinton and Obama style of centrist incrementalism, he says, will invite disaster just as surely in 2020. “Change is something we need to face with clear eyes. It’s scary, but it’s also exciting.”

Hi, Pete. Did you just blame Clinton and Obama style of centrist incrementalism for Trump, sugar? You’re supposed to be the decent, young, honest choirboy in the race, and lying just soils up your image. If someone with my lazy ass google skills can find you talking the same shit, anyone can.

Take a look at this tweet from January where Pete went in on Hillary Clinton.

While Trump was blowing his anti-immigrant, anti-black dogwhistle of “Make America Great Again” Hillary was telling us that WE made America great, that all of the cultures that accumulated here were what made America America, and that no time in the past was greater for all of us that at that time. Honestly, she was right. Pete apparently took exception to that, and issued an attack on Hillary’s assertion that we were ALREADY a great nation and that Trump was trying to take us back to a dark time in history.

From Huffington Post:

Nick Merrill, who serves as Clinton’s spokesperson, expressed outrage Friday over a January Washington Post Magazine article in which Buttigieg, a fellow Democrat, argued that President Donald Trump rose to power “because, in his twisted way, he pointed out the huge troubles in our economy and our democracy.”

Trump rose to power because of his Idiot Savant like diagnosis of the troubles with our Democracy? Why were his MAGA people beating up protesters with Trump egging them on? What about him accusing Mexico of sending rapists? Or him fear-mongering about Chicago? Or the “Build the wall!!” chants that rose nightly at his events? None of that drove his rise to power? Really? It was all the Obama and Clinton Era failures?

Buttigieg then called out former candidate Clinton, adding that Trump “didn’t go around saying that America was already great, like Hillary did.”

Merrill denounced the comments and praised Clinton’s platforms, pointing out that “Trump ran on pessimism, racism, false promises, & vitriol.”

“Interpret that how you want, but there are 66,000,000 people who disagree,” he said. “Good luck.”

Okay? Oh, and Pete? ~66 million voted for HILLARY, not TRUMP, boo. Check your fucking self, Doogie Howser.

As you can clearly see, Peter Buttigieg, or Mayo Pete as I like to call him, is kind of fucking deceptive. Until I hear the recording for myself, I’ll just believe the first version since it’s not like it’s the first time I heard him blame the first Black President for the rise of the worst White President ever. Somehow Pete always manages to blame only Democrats, and usually just a black one and a woman for the horror that is Trump. He never mentions the madness of that racist campaign, the vile sexism, the ignorance of the mobs of xenophobic MAGA men, the cyber war against Hillary, or the anti-black backlash of white America.

If you have ever wondered why Pete does so poorly with black audiences, look no further than his attacks on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


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