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Yo, Bernie? When You Talk About Obama, Put Some Respect On His Name

Don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday!” today to that silly, wizened, Marxist Chupacabra Bernie Sanders, aka “Bernie Luther King Sanders Jr!” (No relation to “The Tulsicabra”)

Bernie Sanders is crazy as catshit.

He came for Obama AGAIN. 

He came for Joe AGAIN.

But, not on MLK Day.

He called Auntie Struggle Liz a LIAR.

He also celebrated himself on MLK Day, but that’s just par for the course, eh?

Why is he acting like it’s HIS Birthday too? Lordt. If you saw Bernie Twitter earlier, you’d have thought MLK and Bernie were Birthday Twins. It looked sad,  so I decided we may as well just go on ahead and include Bernie in everything he is trying to push his way into. I guess he’s allowed to appropriate birthdays of Civil Rights Legends, just like he appropriates policy of dead Democrats. Really, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the game, and wanted you to be prepared like I am. You know it’s totally on brand for Bernie Sanders to take full credit for MLK Jr. even having a birthday to celebrate during his life. No, it’s not Bernie’s birthday too, but he did teach MLK everything he knew, or so I have been told, because Bernie is MORE WOKE. Yeah.

NOW you know, Bernie is MORE MLK than MLK ever was.

Never question this.

The MEMES say so, and memes are always 100% accurate.

I’m sure you’ve already laid eyes upon the stupid Bernie memes that went out last night?

It doesn’t match the photo on top AT ALL.

This is a cry for help.

Internal polling must be a crime scene with how erratic and awful Bernie 2020 has been acting.

Bernie-land has been wildin TF out.

As you all may have noticed, Bernie has been going on a wild tear; calling Liz a liar, attacking Joe Biden, and perhaps observing his staff distribute a creatively cut video of Joe saying he agrees with Paul Ryan, when Joe was actually mocking him, and saying the opposite. I don’t know. Maybe he had “no idea” anyone on his staff would even VIEW such creatively cut videos, I mean, doesn’t he hire all the “Best People” on the Left? No.


Let me tell you what Bernie ALSO did while he has been rampaging around the primary, slinging mud, and being a terrible old troll.

Bernie Sanders has, like I said, come for Obama. 

Oh, Dear.



“Barack Obama won 10 percent of the white vote in Mississippi,” he says in the video in front of a small audience. “That speaks to very bad work done by Democrats there. Ninety percent of white people in Mississippi are not racist.”

This part got ZERO applause. It did not even make sense to say it. Some of the workers in that room may have been the Democrats he was accusing of doing bad work. I say this, because it got so extra quiet even that light smattering of applause we heard at first immediately gave up. Then, polite silence filled the space. I love how he started talking shit about Obama looking around like he expected co-signers….but did not get any, so he was left with so much unnecessary bass in his voice, lol!

We might need to ask Mississippi how racist Mississippi is, neither one of us is from there.

Bad work by Democrats? 90% are not racist? We can do better?

My, oh my. Sounds like somebody ate a big fat fucking helping of their own goddamn hype for lunch, and didn’t take their Meta.

Who died and made King Bernie the expert on all things Democrats are doing wrong? And why is Sanders always taking it upon himself to levy criticism at Barack Obama? What is it about Obama that makes Bernie feel like it’s his job to play Monday Morning Quarterback? Why, in Sanders’ little delusional anachronistic mind, does he always set himself up to be the guy who is going to do it better?

“I’m going to win the game better than Obama ever won. You’ll see!!!”

You know who else has that disease? Donald Trump. Y’all remember him wilding about “Crowd Sizes.”

Bernie? STOP.

We know that Barack Obama got more votes than any other candidate in history, and we also know, Barack Obama beat Hillary in the Delegate contest. Did Bernie Sanders manage that? Hell no. He got the absolute whole complete brakes beat the hell up off his narrow, white, shower seat needing ass. Hillary didn’t just win in Mississippi, Hillary DESTROYED HIM in Mississippi. And if he were running against Obama, who does “bad work” according to Sanders, his brakes would just fall on off rather than get beat like they stole something.

I got a chart from somewhere HOURS ago, just for you:

Bernie could only attract 10% of BLACK Women, and we are WELL KNOWN Base Voters. We are voting for the Dem. Black women in Mississippi let you know that you were not the one in 2016. And in 2008, the Mississippi Dem Primary was racially skewed as hell, “The polls found that roughly 90 percent of black voters supported Mr. Obama, but only a third of white voters did.” You might want to “hold that thought” on how racist these people or those people are, since it’s clear you don’t even know what the fuck racism is. Speaking of racism…

What the fuck does THIS MEAN?

Bad work?

Kinda feels like you’re calling him “lazy” when you say that, Senator “Never President” Sanders. Are you saying he didn’t work his ass off? Try to reach White voters? How many Black Governors and Senators have they had? (2 Senators, appointed during reconstruction) And let’s keep it all the way real, Bernie, you did HORRIBLE in muthfucking Mississippi. How much bad work did YOU put in? Why is it okay for your old white ass to criticize Dems to All and Sundry, but we can’t even VET you for fear of your rabid packs of internet goons coming for us in new and inventive ways? I find it weird that you are always ready with a dogwhistle, Sir. I really can’t think of any white Presidents you are so openly dismissive of, and always find ways to frame yourself as superior to. This seems like one of those things people have to discover about themselves; you can’t tell anyone they have a White Superiority Complex if you are a PoC. It drives them insane.

I’m not even going be cute with the most obvious point, which is DAMN, you really love being white, huh, My Guy?

He really does shoot the word white out like a bullet.

“Ten Percent of the WHITE Vote!” he roared.

Oh, Dear.

He did that thing again.


What is WRONG with him? His lil old “I’M WHITE!!” jokes are not even turning out. Yet he keeps trying. Dude, nobody is ever going to think that shit is funny again; all the fuckers who ever did, are super old or super dead.

White voters are super important to Bernie, this may just be a show of solidarity, and I guess he has good reason to have such a passion for them. I guess.

But what the actual fuck does he know about white voters in Mississippi? I keep hearing people on the left lament people voting against their “own best interests” year after year. Yet, regardless of what economic incentives are offered, poor and working class white GOP voters refuse to shift from the GOP. If you’re a curious sort like I am, you ask them point blank why they choose the GOP, and they will tell you, they really will. The answers I usually get are A) Abortion, B) Dems are corrupt, C) Dems hate Jesus/Guns/America, and D) Socialism. There are other factors they mention, but real shit? The abortion and socialism ones are high up on the list of reasons those people are NEVER coming to a DNC meeting.

So, why does Bernie assume he can win them over when Obama didn’t?

Because he’s “WHITE!!!”? Or does Bernie just think he does better work than Obama?

Beyond that, why the fuck is it that Bernie Sanders just cannot keep Obama’s name out of his mouth?

Who does Bernie think he is? Besides White, I mean.

More from BET:

Bernie Sanders previously received criticism in 2018 for comments he made in Mississippi when he referred to Barack Obama as a “charismatic individual” and a “brilliant guy,” seemingly patronizing the 44th president while labeling the Democratic party’s “business model” a “failure.”

That shit was weird as fuck.

Oh, he was definately patronizing him. Bernie sound like someone who can only speak in racism precursors. His speech contains all the ingredients needed to cook up some fire ass racism, it just needs to be tossed into an Erlenmeyer flask, and swirled for a while. It’s similar to the speech of someone* who has stans that like to argue with Black people about when its’s okay to say “N*gger”, and then mock us for disagreeing.

Let it go. You don’t even NEED that word.

Papa John lost his whole ass job over REPEATING an anecdote saying that Colonel Sanders called us that.

Know what else you need to let go of? Your dumb ass Trumpian obsession to beat Barack Obama. Bernie has gone from Civil rights activist, to Racism Apologist throughout the course of his super long and grumpty life. Like most old white Grandpas, he is extra loud and set in his ways, makes excuses for white people when they do racist shit, and gleefully, and randomly yells out statements about being “a white man” for no reason whatsoever.






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