January 28, 2020 12 Comments Bernie Bros, Bernie Sanders, Latest, Politics, Racism, White Nonsense

You Better Leave Me The F*ck Alone With That “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Sh*t!

How many goddamn times do I have to say, “No.”? No. That is my answer to all of your incessant hash-tagging across 3 Social Media platforms. No. I am not interested in your daily bullshit voting pacts based on your fear of Donald Trump. I am a Black Woman. All my adult life, and especially the past decade or so, I have been a Liberal, a Democrat, and a straight ticket blue down the line reliably Democratic vote. But, not this time. Why?

Because of Bernie goddamn Sanders.

Bernie fucking Sanders, Independent of Vermont, brought his old tired ass on the scene in 2015 and never went away. Since that time my social media life has literally been a goddamn war-zone. Where I used to be able to discuss my opinions with like minded people, and even a few who did not agree, quite civilly, since the rise of Bernie, I have spent my time being literally chased around from account to account by; Russians, trolls, actual Berners, assholes like Katie Halper and Susan Sarandon, and even John Cusack a time or two. I am the subject of many conspiracy theories, am pretty much Hitler according to the Revolution, I have watched them pass around photo-shopped tweets of mine, and I have had an unknown number of Twitter accounts. Why?

Because I am Black and Sassy.

No, really.

That’s literally the reason.

I don’t like Bernie. I made that clear after I STOPPED supporting his old ass back in 2015. Maybe it was the look on his cantankerous old face when Marissa Johnson snatched his mic. Maybe it was the fact that I looked into his hiring practices and couldn’t find ONE DAMN BLACK STAFFER. Maybe it was watching him get a lifetime hood-pass based on work done when my Mama was a baby, and knowing he ain’t done shit since. Maybe. And maybe it was also the goddamn bots and trolls that swarmed me no matter where the hell I went JUST TO REPORT ME for every single comment. It could also be the fact that the trolls took the time to find out where I live just to send me mail telling me to “shut up or else” or something equally stupid and menacing. Also, the non-stop trolling.

Once that shit got going good, I started to look at Bernie Sanders himself, and no. I did not like him. I didn’t like how he was lying about showing his taxes. Also, I did not like how he attacked people for supporting things HE VOTED YES ON. I did not like his MLK appropriation, his tokenization of blacks who worked for him, or his inability to answer a question specifically about the black community without having to include “THE POOR” of all races. The way he equates BLACK with POOR, and RACISM with POVERTY? THAT IS ANOTHER THING I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT BERNIE SANDERS. It’s racist.

This is one reason, and I have a million of them, that I will not ever be voting for Bernie Sanders.

Recently, Bernie accepted gratefully, an endorsement from Joe Rogan. Okay, but here is the thing, I don’t think comparing Black people to “Planet of the Apes” is funny in any kind of way, nor do I find dick sucking jokes involving former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, funny either. Many of the things others (white people) have told me were just jokes and not racist? Seemed racist and not like jokes at all.

Fuck You, guy. Kiss my Black ass. Stereotypes like this lead to incidents where black people are unable to get seated and served in restaurants to this day. And the only way we get the issue addressed is if we manage to make it go viral and shame the operator into an apology. Why the fuck are you still increasing our burdens? This shit ain’t funny. Knock this shit the fuck off now, Joe. Find a way to be funny without having to further marginalize the already marginalized. It’s super easy to make a joke at the expense of racial minorities. It’s also super racist, dude, I don’t give a fuck how many Black friends you have, I’ll tell them the same shit.

Why the fuck would you leave this shit up on your account? Maybe I’m lucky I get reported for every comment, because I don’t have bullshit like this on my accounts, it wouldn’t last five minutes with the snarling swarms of Sanderatti always looking for something reportable. But where I have report trolls, you have money. Bitch, use some of your goddamn money to pay someone to go through your account and delete all the foul shit you posted and knock it the fuck off. Get over this bullshit bravado, you look racist as fuck, sexist as hell, so if that is not your intention? DELETE THAT SHIT. Say something like, my bad, that shit looks terrible in retrospect, and boogie the fuck on. But don’t just defiantly leave it up like an asshole.

Joe Rogan is NOT the reason I will never vote for Sanders, but he is endemic of the problems I have with Sanders and his base. They act and sound like a bunch of New Age Dixiecrats, and I don’t fux with no racists. Bernie Sanders, who equates white men working for minimum wage with black slaves, is the reason I don’t like Bernie Sanders. So, the next time you see my black ass on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram talking about who I will never vote for? Don’t fucking say “Vote Blue No Matter Who” to me unless you’re ready to get cyberly dragged from Barrow to the Florida Cays. I don’t vote for Bernie Sanders. And this is only ONE of a thousand reasons why.


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